Below are the required forms that you are to complete with a parent or guardian signature, prior to your arrival on campus. Required forms will be emailed after you have submitted your deposit.

Required forms are due within two weeks of acceptance date. All forms that require your and/or parent or guardian’s signature must be uploaded to the Application Portal as a PDF attachment. JPEG (screen shots, photos) and zip files will not be accepted.

Letter of Understanding
An agreement between you, the parent(s) or guardian(s), and the USC Summer Programs Office on the rules and expectations of students enrolled in the program.

Permit to Register
Required document to register for a course at the University of Southern California.

Parental Content & Release
Blanket liability waiver for your participation in on-campus and off-campus activities associated with the USC Summer Programs.

Medical History & Consent
Medical information that is required in case of an admission to the USC Health Center or an emergency.

Student Code of Conduct
Outlines specific expectations USC has of its youth student participants.

COVID-19 Informed Consent and Release of Liability
COVID-19 guidelines and requirements.

Permission to Stay on Campus (Commuter Students only)
Permission for commuter students to stay on campus after class.

Review our Required Forms Guide and Best Practices for more information.